Easy-peasy after that edit. Make lots of copies so lots of people see it.

Get it out!


Wow, you've come all this way, now you have to distribute it so people can see your creation.  DVD, Blu-Ray and internet.

Thanks for letting us come along!

Post Production


Editing, the final but biggest hurdle to conquer. This includes editing picture and sound to your way of liking. Then comes color correcting, sound sweetening and maybe even writing that little ditty that's been running through your thoughts.



Now that we've met we know what's on your mind. Next up is the script so it can fit your budget.



Prepare for production by securing equipment, personnel, locations and any other scenarios that might arise.



Your words and ideas are recorded for everyone to see.

Let's Meet


We can't give you a cost for an idea. Let's sit down and figure out what you need.

Com Tech, inc Bringing your vision forward